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mature father with hearing loss and his daughter smiling and embracing

Talking Sounds Variation

Hearing and comprehension are vital parts of effective communication. If we are unable to hear the nuances of sounds, then we aren’t able to capture the deeper meaning behind conversations. Being able to understand what someone is saying, not only the words they say but their tone as well, are crucial for successful communication.

a band playing music with custom hearing aids

Hearing Protection

Did you know your favorite recreational sports and activities could potentially be dangerous for your hearing? Although fun, certain activities can have an impact on your hearing ability, especially if you don’t wear the proper protection. Motorcycling, dirt biking, ATV riding, motorboating, and hunting are some examples of activities that can negatively impact your hearing …

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better speech and hearing month at Universal Audiology

Better Hearing & Speech Month

Your hearing is an integral part of your overall health and well-being. During the month of May, the American Speech-Language Hearing Association raises awareness about hearing and communication by celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). What’s the Theme for 2022? The theme for BHSM for 2022 is, “Connecting People.” Hearing and communication are both …

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Hearing Aid Maintenance

With spring quickly approaching you may be thinking of cleaning your home or reorganizing the spaces you spend the most time in. While you are busy spring cleaning be sure to add your hearing aids to your list! Your hearing aids play an important part in your everyday life. It’s important to maintain your hearing …

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