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Compensation Hearing Aids

After you have received a settlement from Compensation for hearing loss, you are also able to receive hearing aids from the Compensation Insurance on top of any settlement you have received. You have the right to go to any provider for the hearing aid fittings, and Compensation Insurance is required to pay for the hearing aids 100%.

At Universal Audiology, we have processed Compensation Claims for hearing aids for over 40 years. We will file all the proper paperwork for prior authorization and then payment for the hearing aids. We fit only top of the line “Premium” hearing aids and ensure that they will be covered 100% with no charge to you.

At Universal Audiology this benefit will pay for a wide variety of hearing instruments. Payment from Compensation Insurance coverage will pay for your hearing aids 100%.

Many different manufacturers and styles of instruments are included in our program. A few different models include:

Starkey Halo 2 Hearing Aids

Starkey Halo with Trulink at an audiologist buffalo

Signia Cellion Rechargeable Aids

Signia Cellion Hearing Aids from a universal hearing center

This great design blends form, function, and aesthetics. With Cellion’s unique OneShell design, we’ve engineered another world’s first: a lithium-ion hearing aid with wireless charging.

Oticon OPN™ Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn Brainhearing hearing aids near me

What's Included

At Universal Audiology, our Compensation Insurance Hearing aid program includes payment in full for your hearing instruments every four years. We include a 4 YEAR REPAIR WARRANTY with all hearing instruments in The Compensation Program. This means your hearing instruments are insured against damage for the entire four years before they can be replaced again under your Compensation Insurance.

Our office processes all claims to Compensation Insurance for payment for the hearing instruments. As always, all fittings at our office include a 45-day trial to ensure the proper fit and selection.

After an audiological evaluation at our office by a NYS licensed audiologist, we will explain the benefits of the different options available to you. Once you decide which hearing aid to test out, we will make all the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning changes to ensure a proper fit. As always, follow-up, checkups, and adjustments for the life of your instruments is included with your Compensation Insurance coverage.

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