Empire Hearing Aids

Empire Hearing Aids

NYS Empire Health Insurance includes a benefit for hearing aid coverage. Your Empire Insurance will cover $1,500 per ear every four years.

At Universal Audiology, this benefit will pay for a wide variety of hearing instruments. Payment from Empire Insurance coverage will pay for your hearing aids 100%. Many different manufacturers and styles of instruments are included in our program. A few different models include:

The Empire plan

Starkey Livio Edge AI

Livio Edge AI gives you the power of artificial intelligence in a compact hearing aid, allowing among the best possible sound performance in challenging listening environments.

  • Hear speech comfortably even in busy settings while unwanted noise is suppressed.
  • Boost speech sounds to help make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.
  • Stream crisp, clear phone calls and experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

You can choose from a standard rechargeable style or a custom one (the world’s first of this type) – give yourself the edge you deserve.

Livio Edge Hearing Aids

Signia Styletto X

Styletto X meets all your hearing needs with its revolutionary Signia Xperience chip for better speech comprehension even in noisy environments.

The unique acoustic-motion sensors allow Styletto X to optimize your hearing to every environment, as 82% of wearers say Xperience hearing aids provide the better speech understanding across all listening situations. This way, you benefit from superior hearing wherever life takes you.

Connect your Styletto X to the new Signia Assistant. From your favorite sounds to your individual needs in each acoustic situation, your hearing is personal. The new Signia Assistant is your very own hearing companion to help you stay fully involved in life and hear what matters to you.

Signia Styletto Hearing Aids

Oticon OPN™ S

The biggest challenge for people with hearing loss is understanding speech in noisy environments when multiple people are speaking at the same time. Oticon Opn S breaks the limits of what you thought possible with hearing aids.

Previous hearing aids dealt with noisy environments by focusing on one speaker, such as a person right in front of you, while suppressing all other sounds. The technology in Oticon Opn S gives you access to the relevant sounds around you, including speech, and puts you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on.

Proven to provide even better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than our previous generation of hearing aids, Opn S lets you take an active part in difficult listening situations – just like people with normal hearing.

oticon OPN Hearing Aids

What's Included

At Universal Audiology, our Empire Insurance Hearing aid program includes payment in full for your hearing instruments every four years. We include a 4 YEAR REPAIR WARRANTY with all hearing instruments in The Empire Program. This means your hearing instruments are insured against damage for the entire four years before they can be replaced again under your Empire Insurance.

Our office processes all claims to Empire Insurance for payment for the hearing instruments. As always, all fittings at our office include a 45-day trial to ensure the proper fit and selection.

After an audiological evaluation at our office by a NYS licensed audiologist, we will explain the benefits of the different options available to you. Once you decide which hearing aid to test out, we will make all the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning changes to ensure a proper fit. As always, follow-up, checkups, and adjustments for the life of your instruments is included with your Empire Insurance coverage.

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