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Do Your Hearing Aids Need a Spring Cleaning?

With spring quickly approaching you may be thinking of cleaning your home or reorganizing the spaces you spend the most time in. While you are busy spring cleaning be sure to add your hearing aids to your list!

Your hearing aids play an important part in your everyday life. It's important to maintain your hearing aids by having them checked by a hearing professional on a regular basis. You deserve to hear your family around the dinner table, converse with friends outdoors, and enjoy everything that spring has to offer.

Reasons to Have Your Hearing Aids Checked

Regular visits to your hearing specialist will ensure your hearing has not changed and that your hearing aids are providing you with the correct amplification. Without your hearing aids, it can be difficult to hear speech and join the conversation.

Here are some reasons why it's important to bring your hearing aids in every six months for a hearing aid check-up!

Schedule Your Hearing Aid Check-Up

With the approach of spring, you should get a head start on cleaning the things in your life that matter to you! In addition to bringing your hearing aids into the office for regular deep cleanings and maintenance checks, you can do your part at home. Be sure to clean your hearing aids every time you take them out of your ears by wiping them down with a dry cloth. Also, never store your hearing aids in a humid location, such as the bathroom. Always keep them in a dry, safe place to ensure they are not damaged.

If your hearing aids are due for a check-up, contact us today to schedule your appointment! We want to ensure your hearing aids are performing their best so you can hear all the sounds you love this spring.

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